Blue Technology offers innovative and smart solutions for the maintenance of your buildings in the most environment friendly way for your facilities. The company’s mission is through its activities and specific portfolio of services to facilitate and increase the efficiency of its customers’ core business, regardless of whether they operate in the field of property management and building stock, industry, logistics and warehousing, construction and more.
Blue Technology is a subsidiary of Viki Services, a leading facility management operator on the Bulgarian market.

Some of our activities are:

  • Diamond grinding and polishing of Concrete and Natural Stone Flooring.
    With our expert support, your marble and granite floors, mosaics and staircases will be beautiful and shiny for a long time. Grinding and polishing of concrete with diamond tools for industrial halls, warehouses and logistics bases, shops and showrooms, workshops and repair shops, offices, clinics and homes. Restoration of old concrete pavements.
  • Disinfection and air purification with new generation technologies.
    Our 5 filter system kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and allergens, incl. and Covid-19. With a web-based platform for continuous management and monitoring of air quality in your office, production, clinic or home.